Energy Work

I am a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. Emotion Code is an energy-based therapy used to quickly and easily identify and release trapped emotional energy.

It works by literally getting rid of emotional baggage. Much of your emotional baggage comes from experiences in which you were traumatized or simply overwhelmed by the emotions you were feeling in the moment. When you cannot fully process emotions as they occur, the emotional energy remains trapped in your body. Over time these trapped emotions/energies can interfere with your physical and emotional health and disrupt your balance. They will also tend to attract more of the same. For example, if you have a trapped emotion of anger, the energy of that anger in your body will make it easier for you to slip back into that emotion. It’s essential to be mindful trapped emotions are made of energy, as is the rest of the body, and can cause a physical imbalance. During a typical session, we access the wisdom of the subconscious mind through a form of muscle testing to get the information we need to release trapped emotions.

Using muscle testing, we quickly identify and release these trapped emotions, thereby freeing you of your emotional baggage. How does this translate to fitness, performance, and reaching your goal? We ask questions like, is there a trapped emotion that interferes with your sticking to your meal plan? Is there a trapped emotion that is causing your lack of motivation to exercise? etc

Previous clients have found that releasing trapped emotions is a secret tool to unlocking their potential and achieving their goals.

$90/hr or $50 for 30 min

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