Sound Bath

Woman playing crystal bowls while sitting in the grass in front of a set of jasmin bushes that are in bloom.

We are made up of vibrating energy. The human body is a myriad of cells composed of atoms and going further down particles, and those so-called particles are just vibrating energy.

Much like a musical instrument, we can be out of tune occasionally, thus feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally unwell. We can use sound to bring us back to optimum vibration.

What is a sound bath? A Sound Bath is an immersive, full-body listening experience that uses sound to invite gentle yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to relax your mind and body.

What does it look like? During a sound bath session, I use a set of crystal singing bowls, and you are in a comfortable position on a yoga mat, aiming for a deep meditative state while enveloped in ambient sound.

1-on-1 Sound Bath, starting at $99 for 30 min

Corporate events are available, starting at $199 - Call to schedule

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