A. Young

Tia, the founder of Sustainable Fitness, has been instrumental in transforming both my equestrian performance and everyday well-being. Her expertise shone through as she tailored a comprehensive workout plan that not only addressed persistent back pain but also significantly enhanced my skills in the saddle.

Understanding the unique demands of equestrianism, Tia seamlessly integrated exercises into my regimen, targeting essential muscle groups crucial for riding. Core stability and leg strength became focal points, essential for maintaining balance and effective communication with my horse.

Beyond the arena, Tia's personalized approach extended to alleviating my daily back pain. Her exercises not only strengthened the targeted muscles but also improved flexibility and mobility in this crucial area. Her holistic perspective, emphasizing proper form and technique, resulted in a lasting reduction of back discomfort.

Under Tia's guidance at Sustainable Fitness, my equestrian journey underwent a transformative experience. The commitment to addressing both my athletic performance and overall well-being reflects the ethos of Sustainable Fitness. I am grateful for Tia's dedication, which has not only improved my equestrian capabilities but has also fostered a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.